September 29th, 2009

Another video!

I finally learned how to work my internal camera. So now I have two videos, how fun!

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  1. stensi says:

    Very nice app you’ve made there! I’ll be downloading this for sure.

    The usability and visual style looks great, and looks so fluid! Excellent choice of atmospheric music too. I’m a .NET Developer and Objective-C looks pretty alien to me at the moment but you’ve inspired me to go checkout your articles at With the new range of Mac’s Apple released recently, I’m very much considering getting a Mac Mini for iPhone app development.

    Anyway, good luck and I hope to see more from you ;)

  2. admin says:

    Thank you stensi!

    I have not been doing this for too long, but as you can see – once the ball starts rolling you really pick up steam!
    You should definitely take the leap, the best I can say is as a fellow web developer is that there’s nothing like coding something that you can put in your pocket!

    Please do keep me informed on your progress!